Abbey National Treasury Services plc trading as Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (SCIB UK) to opt-in to the SI regime from 24 January 2018.

SCIB UK is pleased to announce that it will continue to support its institutional clients by voluntarily opting-in as an SI from 24 January 2018 for the following financial instruments that are admitted to trading or traded on a trading venue (ToTV):

  • GBP Gilts
  • GBP interest rate swaps
  • Multi-currency interest rate swaps (Cross currency swaps)

Our SI status provides our institutional clients with a number of benefits ensuring trading with us remains as seamless as possible. In particular, from 24 January 2018, our clients who face the challenges of post trade transparency reporting for the above financial instruments will not have to build complex proprietary reporting systems when trading bilaterally with us. SCIB UK will in such circumstances undertake the post trade reporting responsibility following acceptance of a quote. Please see our Commercial Policy for further details.

By taking these steps we aim to help our institutional clients prosper by focusing on their core business. Operating in a Simple, Personal and Fair way, in everything we do, we are committed to supporting clients in meeting the complex challenges demanded by new regulations, including MiFID II.

  • Our Market Identifier Code (MIC) is ANTS
  • Our Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is R83QYRLEMH4ZSHI0L097

If you have any questions relating to this communication, please speak to your SCIB UK contact.